How deep is your love英文歌詞I know your eyes in the morning sun,I feel you touch me in the pouring rainAnd the moment that you wander far from me,I wanna feel you in my arms againThen you come to me on a summer breeze,keep me warm in your loveThen you softly leave and it's me 東區燒烤you need to showHow deep is your love ,how deep is your love ,how deep is your love I really mean to learn,cause we're living in a world of foolsBreaking us down when they all should let us beWe belong to you and me,I belive in you,you know the door to my very soulYou're the 東區居酒屋light in my deepest darkest hour,you're my saviour when I fallAnd you may not think I care for you,when you know down inside that I really doAnd it's me you need to show,and you come to me on a summer breezeKeep me warm in your love,then you softly leave and it's me you 燒烤need to show中文歌詞你的愛有多深在朝陽中我懂你的眼神.在大雨中我感受到你的輕觸當你要遠離我的剎那.我想要你再回我懷裡然後在夏日微風中你迎向我.讓我在你的愛中感到溫暖之後你悄悄的離去.你必須告訴我.你的愛有多深你的愛有多深.你的愛有多深我真的很想了解.因為我們活在愚人的世界裡我們將會決裂.只要酒肉朋友他們想要那樣的話我們屬於彼此.我完全信任你你知道通往我靈魂的門.你是我最晦暗時刻的光當我墮落.你總是我的救星.或許你不認為我在乎你當我真的關心你的時候.你必須告訴我.你的愛有多深

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